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What were they trying to show about the guy's character by this bit. Everything about that culture emphasized that you had to look good, you had to be slick, everything about you had to radiate aesthetic perfection.

Is he obsessed with his appeance- he is narcissistic? You had to wear the sharpest suits, you had to have perfect hair, you had to be perfectly groomed, you had to have the nicest car and the nicest office, et cetera, to project that image of success and power. Bateman was obsessive even within his own cultural context, though.

Hence, they were obsessed with personal grooming and clothing (as well as many other things like stereos and modern art and other conspicuous-consumption luxury goods.) The protagonist is just taking that mentality to an extreme - Bateman is supposed to be a sort of parody of that obsession with consumerism and aesthetics. He was literally pathologically fixated on superficial appearances of both himself and others. Bateman was an allegory of shallow, image obsessed, trend obsessed, brand obsessed self-absorbtion taken to an absolute extreme.

His lotion routine was intended to come off as excessive -- not as unusual in any particular, but in the extent. The guy totally thought his sh*t didn't stink, so I don't think it would be that unusual.

I'm sure it's just the promos, and during the season they'll develop their characters and it's going to be good, as usual. I'm sure it's just the promos, and during the season they'll develop their characters and it's going to be good, as usual. I won't watch all those clips again but it's all "blah blah blah.. blah." And I know season 7 is the most hated but I swear the only queens I really follow anymore are Trixie and Katya and those they come in contact, no pun, with. Funny how Courtney "rested on pretty," and now is really a comedy queen at heart that likes to get down and dirty as much as any of them with her looks and comedy.

Flexing his muscles in the mirror while having sex.

He has only 4 comic stories in total as opposed to the hundreds of issues Steph has.

Point is that he's a villain and if he's a D list villain then Steph is absolutely a D list hero.

I loved Michelle's interview with Valentina, I wish they would do an entire series like that.

I forgot to mention Charlie Hide, who does the Lana Del Rey parodies on YT.

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