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System does not allow less than or more than 10 characters code.

Please ensure that you enter 10 characters premises code.

Parasoft enables development teams to build security into your application by facilitating code-hardening practices based on accepted industry standards, such as OWASP Top 10, CWE/SANS Top 25, and PCI DSS.

Defend your software from security breaches and cyberattacks by preventing vulnerabilities where they occur--in the source code.

Parasoft uses a blended approach to implementing coding standards that includes: Parasoft merges analysis results with data generated throughout the development lifecycle to deliver meaningful, actionable information.

This enables you to eliminate false positives, pinpoint business risk in the code, and incrementally improve processes that result in more faster delivery without affecting quality.

Assessees registered with ACES application and with department (Central Excise/Service Tax) can access the online facility to file returns that match their profile (ER-1 / ER-3 / ER-4 / ER-5 / ER-6 / Dealer return OR ST-3) and submit the same to the system. User can check the premises code through RET---Status of returns implies the status of offline returns uploaded into the system.

Manufacturers availing exemption on the basis of value of their annual clearance, manufacturer of processed yarn, unprocessed fabrics falling under chapters 50 through 55,58 or 60 of the Central Excise Tariff or manufacturers of readymade garments. Status of returns submitted through offline utility can be either Uploaded or Filed or Rejected.

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Specify the rule composed of two parts: the comparison to perform and the reference date to compare with.Its value can be either a single string (provided both parts of the comprison above are strings), as an array with the comparison and reference date as elements, or as an object with the comprison as its attribute and the reference date as that value.There is also a custom function defined so that the error messages appear after any trigger button or image (or before them if using a right-to-left localisation).The Validation plugin lets you apply validations to your fields to prevent a form being submitted with invalid values.Meanwhile the j Query UI Datepicker plugin lets the user select a date from a pop calendar, ensuring a correct entry.

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