Updating bios 790 ultra motherboard Live explicit chat

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I have 2 striped raids, one has the windows drive, and one with other various files.

I have an option in my raid setup to clear mbr, but i dont want to lose my data, is that going to mess up everything even more? I should have reset the bios defaults after flashing.

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Supposidly i get better windows performance, but right now it boots slower than my laptop with a single 7200rpm drive. I have some troubles with new PC I've built yesterday. I recently increased the speed of my memory via the BIOS to take full advantage of my OCZ Gold DDR2 1066 2x2gb memory (memory is currently my biggest performance hurdle and more is being sent via fedex.) The BIOS of the Biostar 790GXE 128M defaults the speed... I have read some forums and called HP they said I need to run windows 7 disc, which I don't have, she said when I do I will clear the hard drive (I hope not but, it is what it is)?

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The file header checksum does not match the computed checksum." I put in a the windows 7 64 bit disk to try and boot from it, and i get to the setup menu.

Choose the position to save fileand enter file name. Before doing this, please download the proper BIOS file from the website.

(Werecommend that the file nameshould be English/number andno longer than 7 characters.)Then click Save. For AWARD BIOS, update BIOS procedureshould be run with Clear CMOS function, soplease check on Clear CMOS first.

This board does not run very well with the default settings of everything set to "Auto". do you have to do any programming to the motherboard or program the memory (RAM) or anything like that?

because in step (3) it says press Y to program BIOS, does that mean you have to write codes or something like that? * Win 7 64 * EVGA 790i Ultra SLi * Q9550 Clock 4.2 MHz Multiplier 8.5x FSB 494.2 MHz * OCZ Reaper HPC 8 GB DDR3-1066 DDR3 Memory Bus 1976.7 MHz * EVGA Ge Force 2x GTX 295 CO-OP Super Clock Edition * 22000w PSU * Water Cool "My question is: IS THAT ALL YOU HAVE TO DO?

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