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Commonwealth of Kentucky Certificate of Death shows the following information: County of Muhlenberg, Town of Bevier, Registration District No. Commonwealth of Kentucky, Muhlenberg County, Town of Bevier. Just by looking at the spelling, I figure it should be pronounced 'Malvinena'. Notes for Mitchell Edward Bobbitt: Commonwealth of Kentucky Certificate of Death, Registration District No. Probably heart, Due To - Fell dead in Muhlenberg County Hospital while visiting his wife, Date Signed - October 28, 1952, Address - Cleaton, Kentucky, Signature - (looks like) O. Raleys, Coroner, Burial Date - October 30, 1952, Fairmount Cemetery, Location - Central City, Kentucky, Date Recorded - November 3, 1952, Registrar - Marjorie Hodge, Funeral Director - Tucker Funeral Home, Central City, Kentucky, My copy signed - July 29, 1999 by Barbara F. More About Mitchell Edward Bobbitt: Burial: October 30, 1952, Fairmount Cemetery, Central City, Kentucky Bobbitt, born October 09, 1946 in Muhlenberg County, Greenville, Kentucky; died October 09, 1946 in Muhlenberg County, Greenville, Kentucky. Veronica Ann Bobbitt, born July 20, 1952 in Chicago, Illinois. Children of Veronica Bobbitt and William Mc Ghee are: ) was born December 28, 1929. I talked to Virginia Thomas Bobbitt on the telephone in the month of July, 1999. She was born August 01, 1946 in Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana.

I have a copy of the Marriage Certificate of Henry's second marriage. Date of Death - June 30, 1930, Cause of Death - pollagra, Duration - 3 months, 15 days. D., Cleaton, Kentucky, Place of Burial - Miller Graveyard, Date of Burial - July 1, 1930, Undertaker - J. Vandovener Yet another spelling = Vander Abbie's Certificate of Death has the following information as given by Henry Bobbitt her still living husband. Bobbitt listed as a child of Henry Bobbitt and Abbie Vandner. Nonnell was a very small town/village and everyone could hear the bell ringing. The second church I remember of on the corner of Kentucky Avenue and Stanley Avenue in Evansville, Indiana. He put in a lot of time every week helping to construct it. More About Leyburn Kenneth Bobbitt: Burial: June 27, 1997, Island Methodist Church Cemetery, Island, Mc Lean County, Kentucky Cause of Death (Facts Pg): Cancer of Larynx Occupation: Factory Worker Other Facts: Deacon and Elder of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Evansville, IN Notes for Hazel Malvina Bruce: Hazel's sisters and brothers always pronounced her middle name as "Malveena". She was born March 03, 1923 in Central City, Kentucky, and died November 11, 1952 in Muhlenberg County, Greenville, Kentucky. Hosp., Name of Deceased - Mitchell Edward Bobbitt, Residence - Central City, Kentucky, Date of Death - October 28, 1952, Sex - Male, Race - White, Married, Date of Birth - February 24, 1914, Age - 38 years, Occupation - Machinist, Birthplace - Kentucky, Father's Name - Arthur Bobbett, Mother's Maiden Name - Elvie Lee Graham, Social Security - 4, Informant - Arthur Bobbett, Cause of Death - Unknown. He was born March 03, 1950 in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. Notes for Virginia Thomas Bobbitt: This photo is Virginia Thomas Bobbitt and her father John Arthur Bobbitt Vernon Byers Baggett said in a telephone conversation with me that she remembers Virginia Bobbitt and that Virginia was a daughter to "Uncle Arthur" named here as John Arthur Bobbitt. of E., Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana, daughter of James Zuber and Catherine Eakins.

He married (1) Abbie Elizabeth Vandiver December 01, 1872 in Orange County, Indiana, daughter of John Vandiver and Mary Vandiver. She lived with her father and mother (Arthur and Elvie) on the top of Fourth Street hill just above the Scout House before you got to Park Street. You named two other sons, Henry Lewis and Arthur F. "Arthur Bobbitt was sherriff of Muhlenberg County at one time. S., Posey County, Indiana Graduation Masters: December 1970, University of Evansville, Evansville, Indiana Occupation: September 1968, Teacher Of Music Education in the public schools of Evansville, Indiana Children of Keith Bobbitt and Mary Zuber are: Bobbitt, born February 05, 1971 in Evansville, Indiana.

"When I grew up my best friend was Virginia Bobbitt. Later on Mitchell helped my father to build a house so I remember the name well. More About Mary Katheryn Zuber: Graduation College: June 1968, University of Evansville, Evansville, Indiana Graduation High School: May 1964, North Posey H.

243, Full Name - Henry Bobbitt, Male, White, Widowed, Date of Birth - January 12, 1852, Age 78 years, 5 months, 22 days, Trade - Coal Miner, Birthplace - Indiana, Name of Father - John Bobbitt, Birthplace of Father - West Virginia, Maiden name of mother - Kattie Bobbitt, Birthplace of Mother - West Virginia, Informant - Virgil Bobbitt, Cleaton, Kentucky, Filed June 30, 1930 by Vannie Thomas. More About Henry Bobbitt: Burial: July 01, 1930, Cleaton, Kentucky, Miller Cemetery Residence: Muhlenberg County, Kentucky Notes for Abbie Elizabeth Vandiver: Another spelling for Abbie = Aby E. Maybe that's what happened to these children.) This information emailed to me by Tamara Kincaide - [email protected] does a lot of genealogy work. Turner: Burial: Cleaton, Kentucky, Miller Cemetery 3 ii. Notes for Mary Elizabeth Bobbitt: Marvin Beatty, another Bobbitt genealogist, has Mary E. Rosella Elizabeth Bobbitt, born February 22, 1878 in Crawford County, "Riceville"? At a certain time before each service he would ring the bell to let the people know it was time to come to church. This church was located on Stringtown Road, Evansville, Indiana. He married Mary Emma Hearld February 09, 1946 in Central City, Kentucky. 2436, Place of Death - Muhlenberg County, City - Greenville, Hospital - Muhlenberg Comm. He married Mary Katheryn Zuber December 09, 1967 in Neu Chapel, U.

Henry's mother, Catherine Goble, was born in North Carolina. Full Name - Abbie Bobbitt, Sex - Female, Color or Race - White, Married, Date of Birth - March 12, 1854, Housewife, Birthplace - Indiana, Name of Father - John Vandiver, Birthplace of Father - Indiana, Maiden Name Of Mother - Mary Vandiver (maiden name unknown at this time), Date of Death - October 1, 1919, Cause of Death - Tuberculosis of bowel, Signed by C. (I need to check the years of the flu outbreak that took so many lives. Bobbitt: Burial: Cleaton, Kentucky, Miller Cemetery Census: 1910, Living in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky More About Susan C. I'm assuming this is the same person as Harry Louis Bobbitt. Edith Bobbitt, born September 24, 1919 in Mc Lean County, Sacramento, Kentucky; died April 11, 1991 in Elmhurst, Illinois. He would always get to the church early before every service and raise the windows in summer or build a fire in the wood burning stove in winter. He was a Deacon and an Elder at this church for many years. Harlan Ave., Evansville, Indiana Child of Leyburn Bobbitt and Hazel Bruce is: .

It is difficult to expect from the child of success if ourselves to anything we do not aspire, are keen on nothing and we lead an inert life.

This would be a good place to exhibit the photos of the tombstones of John H. She was born March 12, 1854 in Orange County, Indiana, and died October 01, 1919 in Town of Bevier, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. (Actually, he was deputy sheriff) "I was Virginia's age, actually just two months older than she. Her mother gave me a bantum hen from her chicken lot. She married Mark Edward Young March 21, 1998 in Brownstown, Indiana; born February 12, 1965 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

and Catharine Goble Bobbitt located in Williams Cemetery, Crawford County, Indiana. He married (2) Nannie Mohon July 25, 1923 in Greenville, Kentucky, daughter of Elija Mohon and Bettie Clardy. Notes for Henry Bobbitt: This is a photo of John H. Virginia and I played paper dolls, day in and day out! "Muhlenberg County, KY Marriages - Mitchel Edward Bobbitt m. "I've had cataract surgery and not seeing as well as I like so forgive my typos. He married (2) Karen Alita Champagne July 04, 1975 in Conroe, Texas. Children of Michael Milliff and Theresa Castleschould are: Milliff, born May 13, 1957. Notes for Lori Ann Bobbitt: Lori is an excellent singer.

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