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Have you been wanting to go out with someone for a while but are so nervous when they finally say yes that you don't know how to act or what to do?If so, read on for some basic advice on impressing your date.And how can the romantics among us signal that we’re in it for a mate, not just mating?For some years, designers of dating sites have been experimenting with ways of allowing daters to signal their earnest intentions.Flowers speak to us and to our inner souls in a way that is sometimes hard to explain.This Valentine’s Day, send the rose that says what is in your heart.The plush grey presentation bag and mini-heart box of Charbonnet et Walker truffles also helped win us over. Selfridges Ombre Roses Bouquet: £75, Selfridges If you know someone who likes their flowers to have a modern edge, then feast your eyes on this tightly arranged and beautifully creative combo of 24 variously coloured roses whose shades are meticulously arranged to spread from light to dark. Tesco Premium Roses: £10, Tesco You can’t have these delivered (no florist in the land will do that for a mere tenner), but it’s not as if there’s a shortage of Tesco stores to pop into to pick up one of these budget-friendly bunches of 12 Kenyan rose varieties, which have large heads and look an absolute picture in any shaped vase. Hayford & Rhodes The Ruby Love Bouquet: £120, Hayford & Rhodes So stunning is this elegant arrangement of classic Naomi roses with foliage including eucalyptus, parvifolia, populus, berried ivy and viburnum that it’s more than likely to provoke a gasp from your recipient.The packaging, which includes the iconic Selfridges yellow coloured ribbon, makes for a striking gift too. The National Gallery Cappenberg Bouquet: £40, The National Gallery , using elegant Grand Prix roses to signify the red tapestry berries and aromatic white lilies for the bird, along with the finishing golden thread. Ours arrived compact and beautifully shaped and looked stunning in a wide topped vase, resulting in a graceful display that attracted comments from every house guest. Debenhams 12 Red Roses: £24.99, Debenhams Sweep her off her feet (or him for that matter) with this affordable bunch of Kenyan roses that we found lasted a good few days longer than others we tried that were at least a tenner more expensive.

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You can also add a vase, chocolate or extra gift to go with your delivery, if you’d like. Wildabout The English Rose: From £85, Wildabout These perfectly-formed, rich, velvety roses arrived in full flower, which slightly worried us, but in fact they gave us around 10 days without so much as a wilting outer petal.

They’re only available in-store, but given that this option gives you the most roses with the cheapest price tag in our entire round-up, it’s got to be worth a trip.

Buy in store Waitrose has chosen Upper Class roses for these 12 stems - a relatively new rose with an attractive crinkled edge that opens slowly and lasts longer than most, with dark red petals that are complemented by the generous sprinkling of green foliage.

For hundreds of years, people have given roses and flowers as a sign of love, joy, bereavement, and as a way to congratulate someone.

The color of the rose can express just what you want to say even when you haven’t said a word.

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