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Every season, the Albini Group presents a collection across its three brands: Albini, Thomas Mason and Albiate 1830.

Every new proposal is the result of deep research by the stylists, extensive travel around the key fashion capitals of the world, and a curated selection of the best raw materials and a study of new yarns, blends and new techniques of dyeing and finishing.

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Through its multiple brands, Albini guarantees an all-year round availability of a wide and varied proposal of fabrics, available at the warehouse.

The vertically-integrated industrial structure enables the Group to respond promptly to market needs, whilst maintaining the assortment within the proposal offered: more than ten continuous collections able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers, through an offering that ranges from classical, to the British style, fantasies to double twisted denim, fine titles of Giza 45 and the innovative easy-care fabrics.

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