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Then, I gingerly crane my neck to cop a semi-aerial shot. But what I desperately wanted to know is which stick he’s clutching onto with his right.For years I was paranoid I’d catch a driver jerking off, his hopes of running into some slow-moving road prey answered by the unlucky likes of me.We have so many candles on our birthday cake it will take a gale force wind to blow them all out.It was Aggie’s career as a Los Angeles journalist that inspired me to begin this blog.A Honda Civic pulls up beside me and I unwillingly cringe.The rest is ritual: The light changes and I casually let my vehicle lag a bit behind.I want to understand why people do the things they do, and sometimes I feel like I get close.

The stories touch me as often as they frighten and repulse me.She began her career as a temporary switchboard operator at the newsroom as a “weird wonderland” and promptly fell in love with the newspaper business.It didn’t take her long to realize that she wanted to be a reporter and she pursued her goal with passion and commitment.Delano, California - In my case I really haven't seen anything paranormal in my life.However I do believe not only human beings (including pets, etc.) live alone in this world of mysteries.

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