Drif sex

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A few relationships happily stand the test of time.

When homozygous, these mutations reduce fitness; inbreeding will therefore lead to However, inbreeding isn't all bad, and many organisms habitually inbreed.

After all of this, Optimus does leave Earth, and doesn't come back for some time.

After five or so years, he does return, still with the seed in his possession. Warning: Human/Cybertronian AKA Cade/Optimus (Will end up being Cybertronian! ) When people ask Drift what he loves the most about Crosshairs, his answer is both easy and unexpected.

Not only that, but entering certain initial combinations while holding down the Brake and Start button will make the game display other messages, including hidden credits for the music and sound programmers!

The text is different depending on the position of the shift gear.

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