Best lines in she dating the gangster

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Worst of all, more and more of its young men and women are ready to do anything to score some of the heroin that's flooding into the area. Most New Yorkers, most New York cops too, assumed it was a huge Mafia clan, a brigade of tight-knit Don Corleones.

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He looked like the archetypal star of any recent British gangster film.

-style narrative gimmick, we're going back and telling you how they should begin.

Keeping us all gripped from the very first line of dialogue, here are the 50 greatest cinematic openers ever.

We're not perfect, despite rumours to the contrary, so let us know which quotes we've forgotten about at the bottom.

A film's opening lines are the director's way of introducing the picture to the audience and, just like in real life, first impressions count. So I called myself Pip and came to be called Pip.""There's an old joke: Two elderly women are at a Catskill Mountain resort. Choose a three-piece suit on hire purchased in a range of f--king fabrics. It's about five o'clock in the morning - that's the homicide squad, complete with detectives and newspaper men. That's what they tell you, anyway.""Maycomb was a tired old town, even in 1932 when I first knew it. And by nightfall were like soft teacakes with frosting from sweating and sweet talcum.

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